YETI 337 Difference

It All Starts With a RUBICON

Because the Jeep JT and JL Rubicon's are already equipped from the factory with great off-road capabilities, we choose to only build the YETI 337 on these platforms. This allows us to build upon factory front and rear differential lockers, lower gears, & factory sway bar disconnects. All of these are required for the serious off-roader while enjoying great highway manners at any speed.

MetalCloak Installation

The Suspension is the Key Difference

As an authorized MetalCloak Installer, all of our YETI 337 Jeeps come equipped with MetalCloak 3.5" Game-Changer suspension systems installed and tuned to each Jeep, whether it be a JT Gladiator or a JL Wrangler. Since 2006, MetalCloak's mission is to create systems that work incredibly well together, designing every individual part to function and improve that system. 

There are many reasons we exclusively use MetalCloak to give your YETI 337 the best in the business suspension, winch bumpers, shocks and more, however, at the end of the day... it really comes down to performance and peace of mind knowing that you will be happy with your YETI 337 Jeep, whether your flexing it out in an extreme off-road situation or jetting down a curvy canyon road.

MetalCloak Corner Travel Index

Flexing the YETI 337 Jeep

It never fails when you're out in the boonies for any length of time... you'll come across a deep ravine, a raging boulder or some other off-camber situation that requires your Jeep to do the 'flex' thing in ways that seem unnatural to most other 'off-road' vehicles. Since your YETI 337 is correctly equipped & tuned with MetalCloak's True Dual Rate Centered Coils, patented Duroflex joints in all 8 of your control arms (16 in all), you'll feel more confident knowing that you'll keep all fours firmly planted on the ground where they belong. MetalCloak holds the highest Corner Travel Index (CTI) in the bolt-on suspension category, with an index score of 905. To put that in perspective, a stock JL Wrangler CTI score is 540.

The vibration dampening of the Duroflex joint allows your YETI 337 Jeep to give you the best, vibration free, on road ride and flex a full 35 degrees in those tricky off-road situations while providing years of maintenance free use.

Yeti 337 JT

Adding It All Up - YETI 337 Jeep

We don't just install and tune the best suspension available for your YETI 337. We also install all five (5) industry leading Milestar 37 inch Mud Terrain tires (that wear and ride great on road as well), a Warn VR 10-S 10,000 lb. winch housed nice and low in a MetalCloak performance front bumper. Then we top it off with front factory trimmed, fender chops that includes an LED daytime running light. This gives your YETI 337 Jeep a custom, yet super high clearance front fender that looks absolutely amazing. 

Afterwards, our Factory Trained and Certified Master Technician torques every fastener to spec and then on to our Hunter alignment rack for perfect alignment.

When you add it all up, the YETI 337 Jeep really is the most capable dealer prepped Jeep available. We're proud to offer such an awesome vehicle to our customers at a really great value.